Qubibi by Kazumasa Teshigawara focused on art and design for interactive media.

Kazumasa Teshigawara / Artist, Designer, Lecturer. Born in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Used to live with mother in the beginning. Later moved in with a new family. Was taken around bars while still young. Hostesses used to like me a lot. I stopped going to school. Played game at home. Cried out of fear when collectors banged at the door for money. Father ran away, got caught. Graduated elementary school. Got into an accident and hurt my neck. Father came back. Father died. Graduated secondary high. Worked at Nihonbashi Textile Processing Factory. Got into an accident, almost died, and hurt my neck. Got into music. Quit point drawing. Bought a Mac. Met some weird people. Said goodbye. Unknowingly entered a bad content design firm and quit immediately. Was scared for days after I quit because the company got hold of me. Worked and quit a number of jobs. At age 21, discovered the fun of design. Eventually got married. Had a kid. Got separated. Got the kid. Taking care of the kid. Working quietly under the label “qubibi”. Would like to make a lot of things.

勅使河原一雅 / 1977年東京池袋に生まれた。はじめは母親と二人で過ごした。途中から新しい家族の家で過ごした。幼い頃から飲み屋を連れ回された。当時はホステスにもてた。学校は登校拒否をしていた。家ではゲームをしていた。ヤクザが怖くて泣きながら警察を呼んだ。父が居なくなった。捕まった。小学校卒業。交通事故にあい首を痛めた。父が帰ってきた。父が死んだ。中学校卒業。日本橋服地加工工場に勤めた。交通事故にあい死にそうになり首を痛めた。音楽に夢中になった。点描をやめた。中古のMacを買った。何人かのおかしな人に出会った。別れた。知らず悪い企画会社に入るがすぐ辞めた。辞めた後脅されびくびくした。いくつかの職場を転々とした。二一歳、デザインをすることが楽しくなった。やがて結婚した。子供が生まれた。離婚した。子供を引き取った。首美を起ち上げた。子供を育てる。沢山のものを作りたい。

Awards: Cannes Lions 2007 Cyber Lions Silver Prize / D&AD Global Awards 2007 Websites Yellow Pencil / 2007 One Show Interactive Gold Prize / 11th The Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Prize of Entertainment Division / 5th Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards Silver / The AMD 2007 Award Naomi Enami Prize / Asia Pacific advertising Festival 2008 Bronze / 6th Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards Finalist / 15th The Japan Media Arts Festival Recommended works of Art Division / 16th The Japan Media Arts Festival Recommended works of Entertainment Division / 16th The Japan Media Arts Festival Recommended works of Art Division / Asia Pacific advertising Festival 2011 Bronze / NYC ADC 93rd Annual Awards Art+Craft Bronze / YAHOO JAPAN INTERNET Creative Award 2013 Gold Prize