Featured in “VAULT”, Fakewhale’s permanent collection


23 May 2023

qubibi has been selected for the collection of permanent online exhibition "VAULT" by Fakewhale, has donated the artwork "nr23I5tw523Hk." VAULT is based on the concept of documenting influential creators in the blockchain-supported digital art market, sharing stories about the artworks and their creators. The pieces minted for VAULT are not for sale. In addition to being available online, it is planned to be displayed at IRL exhibitions by Fakewhale around the world.

The artist page for VAULT features a background on qubibi and descriptions of artworks, including the representative series "mimizu," as well as pieces such as "’Magical’ Door," "hello world," and "wiwizn.”

To date, blockchain technology is mainly thought of as a means to facilitate the digital art market, but its most important function is to preserve indelible evidence of the historical and cultural impact of these times. In light of this, the concept of a permanent collection was born, with the sole intention of documenting and grouping together the most influential creators driving this technological-artistic revolution. […] Every artwork represents a mosaic tile of what is set to become one of the most important digital art collections in existence. It is our aim to preserve a native point of view, aware that the spectrum of this cultural movement will continue to expand — keeping track of every aspect will be imperative to ensure its adequate representation within the museums of the future. (VAULT, 2023)

How honorable. Thanks!

qubibi’s page on VAULT