“MATTER & DATA” by objkt at the Digital Art Mile from June 10th to 15th


June 12, 2024

Participated in the exhibition "Matter & Data" by objkt, at the Digital Art Mile (ArtMeta), an innovative digital art fair taking place alongside Art Basel.

Matter & Data proposes artists and artworks that explore the tension between the immateriality of the digital and the embodiment or physicality of matter – breaking stereotypes around digital art and, more specifically, NFTs. This exhibition showcases the works of 17 artists from various generations and parts of the world, working with different types of media, such as interactive installations, code-based works, 3D animations, AI-assisted photography, plotter drawings, 3D printed sculptures, 3D portraits on holographic screens, and digital and physical paintings.

Two artworks were printed, framed, and exhibited on-site. Fine art print on Canson's ARCHES Aquarelle Rag paper, mounted on aluminum Dibond, white wood floater frame, 75cm x 50cm, edition of 1.

Photo by @Eko33
Photo by @Eko33

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Exhibition: MATTER & DATA

Artworks: mimizu ERRR 9, mimizu ERRR 10

Artists: Analivia Cordeiro and Nilton Lobo, Auriea Harvey, Leander Herzog, Lovid, Sara Ludy, OONA, Monica Piloni, Qubibi, Viola Rama, Salawaki, Marcel Schwittlick, Regina Silveira, ThankYouX, Addie Wagenknecht, Rodell Warner, Zancan

Venue: The Digital Art Mile (Space31, Rebgasse 31) Basel, Switzerland

Duration: June 10-15, 2024 (12pm-8pm; June 16, 12pm-5pm)

Sales Platform: Objkt

URL: https://www.artmeta.org/


ERRR 9 https://objkt.com/tokens/KT1Mrwd4aKMgwe8CLUH7D3xbfPC7khAb1ZZP/8

ERRR 10 https://objkt.com/tokens/KT1Mrwd4aKMgwe8CLUH7D3xbfPC7khAb1ZZP/10