Released ’Magical'door at the group show “Magical Realism” by verse


Dec 18, 2022

“Magical Realism” by verse (Dec 12 - 18), qubibi presented "’Magical’ Door”, the interactive artwork, exhibited at Cromwell Place in London. During the period, over 800 editions were generated and minted.

The artwork, titled "Magical" Door is an interactive artwork that invites viewers to step through a magical door and into a realm of surreal, dreamlike experiences. As they open the door, they are greeted by a swirling light and music, beckoning them to enter. As they explore this magical space, viewers are manipulate the door itself, opening and closing it to reveal the imaginary worlds and sound experiences. Qubibi, who is usually known for his generative art to a wider audience, is showcasing this time his latest multi-media digital work "Magical” Door in the exhibition 'Magical Realism'. The piece admirably embodies the theme by blending boundaries between the real and the imaginary, creating a magical and otherworldly space. At its core, "Magical" Door explores the concept of imagination and the boundless potential it holds. Qubibi's "Magical” Door showcases the artist's unique vision and ability to bridge the gap between reality and one's imagination. Through his use of interactive digital media, the artist invites the viewer to step into a world of wonder and possibility, challenging our perceptions of what is possible and encouraging us to let our imaginations run wild. ”Magical” Door (verse, 2022)
Tiny!!!! lol
Tiny!!!! lol
“Magical” Door on verse
“Magical” Door on verse

Exhibition: Magical Realism

Artists: The Acid Camels (Coldie, Raphael, Nate Esway), Esra Eslen, Gary Edward Blum, Goldcat, Jenni Pasanen, Jesse Draxler, Kevin Abosch, Lorna Mills , Max Papeschi, Mimmo Dabbrescia, Le Chat N0ir, neurocolor, Omentejovem, Qubibi, Zancan / Aleksandra Art

Sputniko!, Richard Nadler, Yazid, qubibi, Shunsuke Takawo, Jake Fried, Nicolas Sassoon, Gary Edward Blum, rudxane, Jesse Draxler

Artwork: “Magical” Door

Venue: Cromwell Place (London)

Dates: Dec 12 - 18, 2022

Sales Platform: verse


Magical” Door on verse

Magical Realism